The Silver Dragons

The Silver Dragons were founded by Artemis of the Shining Path as a youth, recruiting adventurous types from taverns and on the road he built a small adventuring party which went on to have great success. The founding members of the Dragons are:

  • Artemis
  • Douven Staul
  • Gillen Kant
  • Edmund Hazelthorpe
  • Ressilmae Starlight
  • Audhild Sorensson nee Staul

After gathering a small fortune Artemis began attracting many followers and eventually bought the contract to provide security and defence for Whitechapel, something which members of the old guard resent.

The Dragons now operate as the sole body granted authority to enforce the laws of Whitechapel, and have been granted charter to build a headquartes known as The Dragon’s Nest close to Osterflood Castle.

A recruit to the Dragons is expected to know his way around a weapon, be physically fit and able to perform a variety of jobs from standard patrols, to dispute resolution.

The Silver Dragons

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