<font><font>The proud history of the clan Thunderbox begins back in the days of the great war with the elves. It was a clanless dwarf, going only by the name of Bolgal who believed that in order to put a stop to things and drive back the elves he required a power only whispered of amongst dwarf-kind.</font></font>

<font><font>     Bolgal believed that it was his holy quest to capture the very power of the thunder itself. Spending months in recluse, Bolgal was able to forge a container he believed strong enough to contain the thunder's fury and so, with an unshakeable resolve, the casket and his family hammer, Bolgal sallied forth into the unknown.</font></font>

<font><font>     It was seventy years before Bolgal returned to the Dwarves, a glorious return. The casket, once dull iron, now glowed with a celestial fire. Weapons and armour forged upon the surface of the casket were stronger. In recognition of his great deeds and services to the race of Dwarves, a new clan was created in his honour. Bolgal was named master of the clan Thunderbox and his great deeds would inspire the Dwarves for many centuries to come.</font></font>

<font><font>     The original casket has remained within the clan for centuries, each generation swearing a holy oath and guarding this gift in the name of Moradin. A hundred years ago, the casket was lost, the tainted duergar, followers of Orcus took an interest in the casket and began raiding Dwarven settlements in search of the casket. The guardian at the time, Falrak “Twinkletoes” Thunderbox decided that it would be safer to move the casket to a larger Dwarven stronghold in the north. En route, Falrak's company was ambushed by the duergar. The stories say Falrak leapt atop the casket at the time of ambush and danced the “Dwarven High Kick” with such vigour that the world itself shook for the duration of the battle and the whole Dwarven race was inspired by such tireless resolve. Regardless of this legendary effort, the casket was taken and though not disgraced, the clan Thunderbox are honour bound to retrieve it, in the name of Moradin, the memory of Bolgal and for the honour of the Dwarves.</font></font>

<font><font>     Learning of his father's fall at the hands of the duergar, Hrothgar Thunderbox immediately set off in search of the casket. Sixty five years into his quest, Hrothgar took a brief respite and started a farm in the settlement of Hammerfast near Fallcrest where he wed Dolwynn of the clan Stouttower. Three years later Hrothgar and Dolwynn celebrated the birth of their first-born, Asgaarth Thunderbox. This celeration was short lived however and Hrothgar could not stand around any longer, the casket was still in the hands of the duergar. Begrudgingly, Asgaarth was handed over to the Clerics of Moradin in Hammerfast so that Hrothgar and Dolwynn may continue in their search. Under the guide of the clerics, Asgaarth was trained in the arts of war and healing and by his sixteenth birthday named a true paladin in the service of Moradin. In the absence of other trained warriors in Hammerfast, Asgaarth remained on his parent's farm for sixteen years, defending the settlement as he worked, usually with anything to hand, once dispatching a small raiding party of kobolds using only his farming tools earned Asgaarth the nickname of “The Shining Shovel”.</font></font>

<font><font>     A further sixteen years later, at the age of thirty two, Asgaarth decided it was time to hit the road. There was nothing more to be gained from the Hammerfast and the younger clerics and paladins were ready to hold the town. As the current in line of the clan Thunderbox, Asgaarth knew his role. To reclaim the casket, restore glory and spread the honourable name of the clan Thunderbox. Without the knowledge of his clan, Asgaarth decided to head on to the nearest large settlement and make inquires about the casket or activities of the duergar in the area. On the day of his leaving, the clerics of Moradin presented Asgaarth with a suit of plate mail, shield and a battleaxe, these, with the blessings of Moradin he believed would deliver the casket back into the rightful hands of the clan.</font></font>

<font><font>     The road to Fallcrest was mostly uneventful. It was this silence that made Asgaarth very suspicious that he was being followed. Either side of the road, the trees were looming. This reminded Asgaarth of the roots that used to invade his home back in Hammerfast, tunnelling down through the earth to get him whilst he slept, nights on end Asgaarth would spend removing any trace of the tree menace threatening Hammerfast only for them to attack again days later. Asgaarth was sure these were the same trees following him, out for their revenge. For safety, he would stick to the roads wherever possible.</font></font>

<font><font>     Upon arriving at Fallcrest, Asgaarth was presented with a message from a Dwarven adventurer, Douvan Stahl. With few other leads, Asgaarth decided that it would be in everyone's best interests to assist this fellow. Upon arriving at the address specified, Asgaarth met two other individuals responding to the same note. A strange creature identifying himself as Balasar, a Dragonborn trader and an Eladrin pirate by the name of Dumah. Not wanting to burden the others with his search for the Thunderbox, Asgaarth strode out with the other two to make history in the Nentir Vale.</font></font>

<font><font>Known for getting a little overexcited in the heat of battle, Asgaarth can usually be identified from a range of roughly four miles by the following likely comments:</font></font>

“<font><font>BY MORADIN'S HAMMER!!!!!”</font></font>

“<font><font>YOUR MOTHER WAS AN ELVEN SEAMSTRESS!”</font></font>

“<font><font>PASS ME THAT SHOVEL, LAD!”</font></font>


“<font><font>SALLY FORTH!”</font></font>

“<font><font>EVERYONE, BEHIND ME!”</font></font>



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