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  • Game 1

    [[Asgaarth | Asgaarth 'Back in the holy wars' Thunderbox]], Dwarven paladin of [[Moradin]] who has found his way to [[Fallcrest]] from [[Hammerfell]] as part of his initiation, spreading the good word to all.

    Balasar, a Dragonborn warlock …

  • Game 2

    This game you guys managed to kill your very first dragon, get
    attacked in a dark alley, learned a little about pub ownership in
    [[Fallcrest]] and kicked a lot of kobold ass on the way to [[Winterhaven]].

  • Game 3

    Arriving in [[Winterhaven]] y'all headed straight for the inn (like pros) where you met up with Salavana Wrafton (who likes owning the inn), Eilian the Old (who likes stories and yaks), Lord Padraig (who likes to pay people to do things he's too …

  • Game 4

    Hey all, here's the recap of game 4 (running from the 8th to the 9th of Kythorn 1381):

    Present this time: [[Asgaarth]] (Ralnor), Balasar (Cottee), [[Burn Ard]] (Ado) and [[Dumah]] (Poki).

    You guys returned to [[Winterhaven]] …

  • Game 5

    This game ran over the course of the 9th of Kythorn 1381.

    Okay, this time around you guys accomplished one hell of a lot in 12 hours! You've met the lord of the keep and placated him, molested [[Splug]], had fun with invisible walls, …

  • Game 6

    Level 5, de-rezzed a gelatinous cube, ochre jelly, blue ooze, rats,
    hobgoblins. Found some magic items, the password to level 2 and 3
    barrels of booze. BOOZE!

  • Game 7

    This time you guys have;
    -Bought a 'orse and cart. I forget the horses name
    -Some have bought VAST TRACTS OF LAND! (Well, a few acres)
    -Got some quest to explore a tower to the south
    -Got Cottee drunk on Dwarven Stout ( …

  • Game 8

    -You failed to convince some guards that you were door to door salesmen selling unidirectional plungers and were forced to kill them
    -Some skellingtrons were unimpressed by your imitations of elvis, so
    you had to kill them
    -You came up …

  • Game 9

    Things wot happened:
    -[[Burn'Ard]] became unaligned
    -You ket the innkeeper go after finding him covered in his own excrement
    -You left town for while on the advice of Lord Padraig
    -You met up with a salty(?) sea(?) dog(?) < …

  • Game 10

    -Climbed a chamber inhabited by many skeletons while it slowly filled
    with poisonous gas
    -Solved my FIENDISH PUZZLE
    -Met and euthanised a famous-yet-boring necromancer
    -Caught a disease
    -Found out …

  • Game 11

    -Failed to escape an evil orc party boat
    -Failed to not take beats from a succubus (well, some of you)
    -Failed to make friends with a griffon
    -Took on a job for an also mysterious …

  • Game 12

    As you may well remember at the beginning of the last session you found yourself confronted with a necromancer attempting to raise the remains of a long dead dragon as a dracolich. Despite your best attempts you managed to slay both the necromancer and …

  • Dom's Fancy Shovels

    Following on from game 12 you all were aboard [[Bahamuts Glory]], cleaning up after the events of the last game. You had previously taken out some large swathes of the undead army with the ordinance aboard the Glory and after running out of ammo moved in …