Cercidian Chronicles

Game 13

Following on from game 12 you all were aboard Bahamuts Glory, cleaning up after the events of the last game. You had previously taken out some large swathes of the undead army with the ordinance aboard the Glory and after running out of ammo moved in to land on the Nentir River at the northern dock of Fallcrest. After mooring at the dock you decamped with a detachment of Silver Dragons and headed to the castle. En route you met up with a small detachment of Fallcrest guardsmen hastily trying to secure the northern gate. As you chipped in, piling debris against the doors a detachment of Orcs broke through using a battering ram, but not before Dumah had climbed to the top of one of the guard towers and spotted them coming. Heroically leaping onto the invaders Dumah joined the fray with the rest of the party, who made short work of the small expeditionary force. Leaving half of your bonus troops behind to help sure up the door the party headed onwards to the castle. Upon reaching the castle gates you were ushered into an inner chamber where Lord Faren Markelhay, ruler of Fallcrest was discussing the invasion with a team of advisors, chief among them being the nervous Jaer of Rel-Astra (a Scrutineer from the Library’s Department of Research and External Affairs) and Nimozaran the senile head of the Fallcrest Magician’s Guild (and crochet circle). Some of the remaining townspeople were ushered to the Glory to be evacuated, whilst a large number of the others were to go with Nimozaran to the [[Septarch’s Tower]], the location of the only rune circle in Fallcrest. Markelhay and his brain trust believed that the undead currently threatening the Wizard’s Gate to the east were being directly controlled by a necromancer holed up in a farmhouse not far from Fallcrest. Nimozaran could not think of how a large force of the dead could be raised so quickly, and posited that the force had not been created with individual animus, but instead shared that of the necromancer. Scaling the castle walls and making your way down the sharp embankment to the once peaceful fields of Fallcrest you saw the full extent of the situation. Corpses of orcs, humans and undead littered the scarred fields. Under the cover of dusk, aided by the smoke drifting from destroyed siege equipment and corpse piles you made your way to the farm house undetected by the units of undead. Reaching the farm you were met with three units of troops, a mixed force of orc and undead proles. After transforming them into quivering wrecks/masses of flesh/piles of ash you investigated the barn. A moments and one shovel-head interface later you were face to face with an orc Chieftain, his shaman and a pale human necromancer, after despatching these scallywags and their bodyguard who were hiding out in the house opposite the party headed back to Fallcrest. Entering through the Wizard’s Gate, bodies of fallen undead lay in droves; proving Nimozaran's hypothesis. Picking your way through the corpses you reached the tower just as Jaer of Rel-Astra was exiting en route to the castle to find a scroll he had left behind. Dumah and Aasgarth escorted the jumpy librarian to the castle whilst Cyvaar, Giles and [[Burn’ard]] climbed to the top of the tower, only to find the copse of Lord Markelhay sprawled in a pool of his own blood within the runed circle at the tower’s uppermost room. On further inspection Cyvaar noticed that the circle had been subtly subverted with runes that suggested a link to the Shadowfell. Meanwhile Aasgarth and Dumah waited whilst Jaer of Rel-Astra picked through the piles of belongings left behind in the castle chambers. Unfurling the scroll Jaer of Rel-Astra aimed a malign grin at the pair before reading a single word and vanishing. Catching up with the two at the castle the part recounted what they had both seen, but before they had a chance to digest what had happened, a commotion outside drew their attention. The Silver Dragons were busy hurriedly ushering the remaining civilians onto the glory. Seeing the party the guardsmen on the ship began gesturing frantically. More feeling than hearing the footfalls of some giant creature you ran for the glory, which was already beginning its slow ascent. Grabbing the rigging hastily thrown over the side of the vessel, you narrowly escaped the thunderous miasma of the breath of a huge blue dragon.

Game 12

As you may well remember at the beginning of the last session you found yourself confronted with a necromancer attempting to raise the remains of a long dead dragon as a dracolich. Despite your best attempts you managed to slay both the necromancer and the dracolich (and their bonus cronies too).

After collecting your phat stash you headed to the location on the map given to you by the black-armoured dragonborn Warrix.
At the location you found an old keep, apparently abandoned and in disarray. Upon further inspection you were greeted by an officious kobold with a dragon scale welded to his chest and his fried The Blob.

After brief negotiation he allowed you to pass where Warrix usheredyou into the presence of his master, your current patron. After travelling deeper into the abandoned keep the cut stone gave way to natural caverns, damp with groundwater. Within the cavern you met with an ancient black dragon, Vorrelgixxustratir, who had been observing your actions and decided to take you on to recover the treasure of his ancestor and prevent his raising at the hands of Orcus cultists. You paid Vorrelgixxustratir the amount he had requested; 90% of the
coinage from the old dragon's hoard. Using the twin swords of tact and shutting the hell up you managed to not offend the old dragon and took your leave with your take of the loots.

Back on the Nentir River you headed south to Whitechapel.
As the haze and smoke of the southern port city began to be visible you were called to the western bank of the river by a small child asking for help. He explained that his parents were trapped in their farm, with a terrible creature preventing them from escaping. Leaving the child with Jowan you set off for the farmstead. At the crossroads the farmhouse sits on you saw nothing out of the ordinary. After scouting the house and seeing the occupants making tea you knocked on the door. A harassed man answered and urged you to enter the farmhouse and get off the ground for your own safety. Bravely refusing his request you remained outside where your were attacked by a bullette (or land shark http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulette). You managed to slay this creature and then stopped for tea and scones with the farmer and his belligerent wife. Dragging the bulette's corpse back to the raft and sending the boy on his way you set sail once again for Whitechapel.

Upon reaching the city you moored your boat at the river dock and
found that any travel north was being blocked by the city guards, the Silver Dragons. Jowan Jago said his goodbyes and headed on his way. In conversation with various parties you discovered that Fallcrest was under siege by a large force of orcs.
Heading into the city to find various shopping experiences you found yourself on a crowded market street. Dumah, possibly believing that a suspicious looking man in the crowd was a reputable business man, decided to open a dialogue with the tiefling. After the stranger had ascertained Dumah's name and that he had come from Fallcrest he immediately shouted a warning and attacked Dumah with a dagger. Not wanting to miss the action the tieflings two cohorts, a couple of doppelgangers, emerged from the crowd and joined the fray, one
seriously wounding Cyvaar. After Asgaarth forced the tiefling to surrender, he immediately fled, as did one of the doppelgangers after being seriously wounded. You did however manage to down one of the strange creatures, leaving the guards who showed up too late to drag the corpse away.

After dealing with these strange assailants the party did what any
self respecting capitalists would do; went shopping. You met up with the one-eyed drow shopkeeper Deneld, the dwarven (mostly naked) forge master Harjid (brother of the designer of [[Bahamut's Glory]]) and finally met up with the master of the Silver Dragons; Artemis of the Shining Path. Impressed at you chutzpah he allowed you to accompany the small force he was sending to Fallcrest aboard the airship [[Bahamut's Glory]] to assist in its defence.

Whilst waiting for the arrival of the airship you spent time in the Tabernacle Inn and met the rotund dwarven innkeeper Meggo and his assistant The Boy, a gangly dumb human youth.

After the Glory had taken on supplies and you had boarded and foundyour bunks the airship set sail on an over land course for Fallcrest with a complement of 20 men and a lot of explosives. On board you met the captain Gillen Kant (a gangly human, carrying a strange weapon), Chael (a dedicated soldier), Chael's friend Quint (a vagabond, but still a solider), Vugid (the designer of the glory, and chief engineer) and his mostly halfing engine crew, and Edmund Hazelthorpe (a high-strung human wizard in charge of the magical elements of keeping the airship sailing).

As the Glory approached Fallcrest, it was attacked by a swarm ofbird-like strips of flesh, concealing a huge undead abomination which appeared to be made of many corpses all fused into one pestilent, winged whole. The creature managed to board the ship and tossed one ofthe crew overboard, however you repelled the boarder with the help ofthe deck mounted ballista and Gillen's (now useless) experimental weapon.
After clearing the deck of the horrible corpse and detaching as manyof the flesh creatures as you could you sailed on for Fallcrest. As you neared the besieged town you could see that the attacking force was made up both of orcs and a large number of undead. The main bridge across the Nentir River to the west back had been destroyed and the far shore taken by a horde of undead. A mixed force of orcs and undead were also at the north and eastern walls, and the lower part of the town was being held by an orc force.

Game 11

-Failed to escape an evil orc party boat
-Failed to not take beats from a succubus (well, some of you)
-Failed to make friends with a griffon
-Took on a job for an also mysterious dragonborn

Game 10

-Climbed a chamber inhabited by many skeletons while it slowly filled
with poisonous gas
-Met and euthanised a famous-yet-boring necromancer
-Caught a disease
-Found out that carnage demons don't care aout their buddies.
-Found Hord's rotting corpse and the sad remains of The Buxom Wench
-Discovered that your path back to Fallcrest is blocked by an army of Orcs

Game 9

Things wot happened:
-[[Burn'Ard]] became unaligned
-You ket the innkeeper go after finding him covered in his own excrement
-You left town for while on the advice of Lord Padraig
-You met up with a salty(?) sea(?) dog(?)
-You fought a bunch of ettercaps and their spider minions from your 'boat'
-You saved a merchant from Certain Tentacular Doom™
-You found the tower in the Witchlight Fens and a bunch of animated statues inside, who have now mostly copped it
-You also met a sprit, who escaped your wrath and fled further up the tower

Game 8

-You failed to convince some guards that you were door to door salesmen selling unidirectional plungers and were forced to kill them
-Some skellingtrons were unimpressed by your imitations of elvis, so
you had to kill them
-You came up with a pretty awesome plan to spy on the meeting going down, but Kamroth et al were unimpressed by your party-crashing skills so you had to kill them

Game 7

This time you guys have;
-Bought a 'orse and cart. I forget the horses name
-Some have bought VAST TRACTS OF LAND! (Well, a few acres)
-Got some quest to explore a tower to the south
-Got Cottee drunk on Dwarven Stout (brewed by Scottish Courage in Newcastle on behalf on Anheuser Busch)
-Got killed, or didnt
-Got confused by cross dressers who weren't cross dressing
-Tying grown men up in their own cupboards
-Bribing the authorities
-Hiding in a pub and not needing a stomach pump
-Fought firey bats
-Are one step closer to uncovering Armos Kamroth's scheme

Game 6

Level 5, de-rezzed a gelatinous cube, ochre jelly, blue ooze, rats,
hobgoblins. Found some magic items, the password to level 2 and 3
barrels of booze. BOOZE!

Game 5

This game ran over the course of the 9th of Kythorn 1381.

Okay, this time around you guys accomplished one hell of a lot in 12 hours! You've met the lord of the keep and placated him, molested Splug, had fun with invisible walls, fought a horde of skellingtons, prayed to Bahamut, pushed hobgoblins down pits, prevented giant spiders being released, found a message to Kalarel, nearly been minced by a giant statue, nearly drowned, gone for a blood bath, discovered Splug's real agenda, killed Kalarel and closed the rift to the Shadowfell! <breathes>

You guys have also picked up some more magic items and gained another level (that's 4 now).
Game 4

Hey all, here's the recap of game 4 (running from the 8th to the 9th of Kythorn 1381):

Present this time: Asgaarth (Ralnor), Balasar (Cottee), Burn Ard (Ado) and Dumah (Poki).

You guys returned to Winterhaven after murdering (for the best reasons) a gnome and his cohorts, to find the place under a deep funk. The villagers seem to have existential fear of something or another. You found out that the nearby keep was built to house a rift to the shadowfell, a dark dimension parallel to yours and the opposite of the feywild. The Keep was built during the last empire but fell into disrepair when the current warden went buck-wild and killed his wife, kids and half of his staff (he was a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker).

You've heard rumours that Orcus cultists might be involved, and you were given a cryptic note on scorched paper from a man in a grey cloak, along with the advice that 'Kamroth's friends should be more careful with their rubbish'. It read:

Zrrg zr ng gur pngnpbzof ba gur fvkgrragu ng guerr va gur zbeavat
Jr zhfg qvfphff erprag riragf

(Please correct me if I've got this wrong Ralnor, I might have changed thetext and forgot to amend the master copy!)

Finally reaching the keep, you've fought 3 encounters with goblins, rescued Splug (who is either your humble servant, Balasar's leg warmer or one hell of a spy) and found out that keeping a map is useful.


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