Cercidian Chronicles

Game 3

Arriving in Winterhaven y'all headed straight for the inn (like pros) where you met up with Salavana Wrafton (who likes owning the inn), Eilian the Old (who likes stories and yaks), Lord Padraig (who likes to pay people to do things he's too lazy to do himself), Valthrun the Prescient (who likes books) and Ninaran (who likes telling Dumah to piss off). Also you finally tracked down Douven Stahl (who incidentally likes not being the victim of marital violence, unless it's in bed) who mentioned something about naughty men opening a rift to some other plane and a note from an unknown bad to Irontooth (who liked to hit things with axes, but was teh suck) about some evil scheme or another. In the process of performing these acts of social valor you managed to wade through the toughest encounter you've faced yet, killed enough kobolds to fill an olympic swimming pool, learned that gnomes are sneaky muthahumpers and recieved some magic stuff.

Game 2

This game you guys managed to kill your very first dragon, get
attacked in a dark alley, learned a little about pub ownership in
Fallcrest and kicked a lot of kobold ass on the way to Winterhaven.

Game 1

Asgaarth 'Back in the holy wars' Thunderbox, Dwarven paladin of Moradin who has found his way to Fallcrest from Hammerfell as part of his initiation, spreading the good word to all.

Balasar, a Dragonborn warlock who'se entire shipment of fancy silks and deathsticks were stolen from him, now he's almost penniless.

Lastly there's Dumah, who left his ship before being keelhauled for bringing her bad luck.

These guys have picked up quests to stop the kobold raids on the King's Road, find a merchants lost cured dragon hide and find out where Douven Stahl is and what he wants.

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