Cercidian Chronicles

Game 4

Hey all, here's the recap of game 4 (running from the 8th to the 9th of Kythorn 1381):

Present this time: Asgaarth (Ralnor), Balasar (Cottee), Burn Ard (Ado) and Dumah (Poki).

You guys returned to Winterhaven after murdering (for the best reasons) a gnome and his cohorts, to find the place under a deep funk. The villagers seem to have existential fear of something or another. You found out that the nearby keep was built to house a rift to the shadowfell, a dark dimension parallel to yours and the opposite of the feywild. The Keep was built during the last empire but fell into disrepair when the current warden went buck-wild and killed his wife, kids and half of his staff (he was a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker).

You've heard rumours that Orcus cultists might be involved, and you were given a cryptic note on scorched paper from a man in a grey cloak, along with the advice that 'Kamroth's friends should be more careful with their rubbish'. It read:

Zrrg zr ng gur pngnpbzof ba gur fvkgrragu ng guerr va gur zbeavat
Jr zhfg qvfphff erprag riragf

(Please correct me if I've got this wrong Ralnor, I might have changed thetext and forgot to amend the master copy!)

Finally reaching the keep, you've fought 3 encounters with goblins, rescued Splug (who is either your humble servant, Balasar's leg warmer or one hell of a spy) and found out that keeping a map is useful.



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