Cercidian Chronicles

Game 12

As you may well remember at the beginning of the last session you found yourself confronted with a necromancer attempting to raise the remains of a long dead dragon as a dracolich. Despite your best attempts you managed to slay both the necromancer and the dracolich (and their bonus cronies too).

After collecting your phat stash you headed to the location on the map given to you by the black-armoured dragonborn Warrix.
At the location you found an old keep, apparently abandoned and in disarray. Upon further inspection you were greeted by an officious kobold with a dragon scale welded to his chest and his fried The Blob.

After brief negotiation he allowed you to pass where Warrix usheredyou into the presence of his master, your current patron. After travelling deeper into the abandoned keep the cut stone gave way to natural caverns, damp with groundwater. Within the cavern you met with an ancient black dragon, Vorrelgixxustratir, who had been observing your actions and decided to take you on to recover the treasure of his ancestor and prevent his raising at the hands of Orcus cultists. You paid Vorrelgixxustratir the amount he had requested; 90% of the
coinage from the old dragon's hoard. Using the twin swords of tact and shutting the hell up you managed to not offend the old dragon and took your leave with your take of the loots.

Back on the Nentir River you headed south to Whitechapel.
As the haze and smoke of the southern port city began to be visible you were called to the western bank of the river by a small child asking for help. He explained that his parents were trapped in their farm, with a terrible creature preventing them from escaping. Leaving the child with Jowan you set off for the farmstead. At the crossroads the farmhouse sits on you saw nothing out of the ordinary. After scouting the house and seeing the occupants making tea you knocked on the door. A harassed man answered and urged you to enter the farmhouse and get off the ground for your own safety. Bravely refusing his request you remained outside where your were attacked by a bullette (or land shark http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulette). You managed to slay this creature and then stopped for tea and scones with the farmer and his belligerent wife. Dragging the bulette's corpse back to the raft and sending the boy on his way you set sail once again for Whitechapel.

Upon reaching the city you moored your boat at the river dock and
found that any travel north was being blocked by the city guards, the Silver Dragons. Jowan Jago said his goodbyes and headed on his way. In conversation with various parties you discovered that Fallcrest was under siege by a large force of orcs.
Heading into the city to find various shopping experiences you found yourself on a crowded market street. Dumah, possibly believing that a suspicious looking man in the crowd was a reputable business man, decided to open a dialogue with the tiefling. After the stranger had ascertained Dumah's name and that he had come from Fallcrest he immediately shouted a warning and attacked Dumah with a dagger. Not wanting to miss the action the tieflings two cohorts, a couple of doppelgangers, emerged from the crowd and joined the fray, one
seriously wounding Cyvaar. After Asgaarth forced the tiefling to surrender, he immediately fled, as did one of the doppelgangers after being seriously wounded. You did however manage to down one of the strange creatures, leaving the guards who showed up too late to drag the corpse away.

After dealing with these strange assailants the party did what any
self respecting capitalists would do; went shopping. You met up with the one-eyed drow shopkeeper Deneld, the dwarven (mostly naked) forge master Harjid (brother of the designer of [[Bahamut's Glory]]) and finally met up with the master of the Silver Dragons; Artemis of the Shining Path. Impressed at you chutzpah he allowed you to accompany the small force he was sending to Fallcrest aboard the airship [[Bahamut's Glory]] to assist in its defence.

Whilst waiting for the arrival of the airship you spent time in the Tabernacle Inn and met the rotund dwarven innkeeper Meggo and his assistant The Boy, a gangly dumb human youth.

After the Glory had taken on supplies and you had boarded and foundyour bunks the airship set sail on an over land course for Fallcrest with a complement of 20 men and a lot of explosives. On board you met the captain Gillen Kant (a gangly human, carrying a strange weapon), Chael (a dedicated soldier), Chael's friend Quint (a vagabond, but still a solider), Vugid (the designer of the glory, and chief engineer) and his mostly halfing engine crew, and Edmund Hazelthorpe (a high-strung human wizard in charge of the magical elements of keeping the airship sailing).

As the Glory approached Fallcrest, it was attacked by a swarm ofbird-like strips of flesh, concealing a huge undead abomination which appeared to be made of many corpses all fused into one pestilent, winged whole. The creature managed to board the ship and tossed one ofthe crew overboard, however you repelled the boarder with the help ofthe deck mounted ballista and Gillen's (now useless) experimental weapon.
After clearing the deck of the horrible corpse and detaching as manyof the flesh creatures as you could you sailed on for Fallcrest. As you neared the besieged town you could see that the attacking force was made up both of orcs and a large number of undead. The main bridge across the Nentir River to the west back had been destroyed and the far shore taken by a horde of undead. A mixed force of orcs and undead were also at the north and eastern walls, and the lower part of the town was being held by an orc force.



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